About Us

We only sell genuine gear, NO REPLICAS.

I personally source my stock. I do not buy sight unseen. All items are personally sourced.

I personally inspect every item and I check to ensure its authenticity

I have been a seafarer for over 24 Years, and currently hold a Marine Pilots Licence for various ports around Australia.

With my wealth of knowledge you won’t find a more genuine dealer for this type of unique gear.
Testament to this is my many regular customers that continually purchase from me time after time.

I have customers that regularly fly to Perth to see a new shipments on arrival.

I have shipped antique marine equipment to various countries around the world.

We have fitted out numerous restaurants around Australia that are after an authentic marine theme.
We are able supply at wholesale prices and are currently supplying various shops and ventures in Australia.

By purchasing directly from the source and buying in large batches, we are able to keep our prices competitive.

Thus I can guarantee you will not find a wider or better priced range in all of Australia