About Us

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We are Australia’s Largest seller of Genuine Maritime Antiques and have been for many years

We only sell genuine gear, NO REPLICAS

I personally source my stock. I do not buy sight unseen, like most other dealers do

I personally inspect every item I purchase to ensure its Authenticity

I have been a Seafarer for 24 Years, and now hold a Marine Pilots Licence for various ports around Australia

With my wealth of knowledge you won’t find a more genuine dealer of this unique type of gear

Testimate to this is my many regular customers that continually purchase again and again

I have regular customers that fly to Perth to see a new shipment when it arrives

I have shipped gear to various places around the world

We have fitted out many restaurants around Australia that want a nautical feel

We supply to various shops in Australia at wholesale prices that on sell

Being a hobby/business I have kept prices as low as posssible as this is not my primary source of income, Marine Pilotage is

Thus I can Guarantee you will not find a larger or cheaper range in all of Australia